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Malden Oaks is highly valued by schools and other organisations. It has a proven record of success in helping students to overcome the difficulties they face and encouraging them to re-engage with education 2013


  • INSET DAYS Malden Oaks will be closed to students on the following dates: Friday 24th October and Friday 7th November 2014


Malden Oaks Pupil Referral Unit
Duke Centre
Dukes Avenue
Kingston KT2 5QY

Phone: 0208 547 6660
             0208 547 6711
Email: sam.axbey@pru.rbksch.org

Welcome to Malden Oaks


Students who come to Malden Oaks are aged between 11 and 16. They all have different reasons why they cannot access education in mainstream school which may include emotional and behavioural difficult, medical reasons, difficult home or personal situations.


  • We actively seek to integrate students successfully into mainstream, or, where appropriate, into special school, further education or the world of work
  • Our staff work with parents/carers, the Local Authority, other education providers, support agencies including Social Services and Health Professionals and the wider community to promote the well being and positive educational outcomes of each student
  • Our students are encouraged to develop their ability to assume responsibility for their own learning and behaviour through involvement in self-assessment, evaluation and realistic target setting
  • We promote citizenship and develop each students capacity to understand and respect people of different races, beliefs, faiths and cultures.




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