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Induction Process

The following induction process is used for all students attending our school sites:

Students and parents/carers are invited to visit Malden Oaks. School staff and other professionals are welcome to attend, but it is not essential that they do so. After a guided tour of the premises, and a discussion about expectations, the student and parent will be asked to complete various forms.

The induction programme will start within 1 – 3 days of the visit. The student attends every morning OR afternoon, usually for 5 days. During this time they work on a 1:1 basis with a number of staff. Assessments are undertaken to enable staff to place the student in appropriate teaching and tutor groups.

Students normally join the full-time provision after the 5 day induction programme. For a small number of students a longer period of induction and assessment is appropriate.

Every student has a full review four times a year. All those involved with the student are encouraged to attend. These reviews include information on attendance, behaviour and progress data. Written review notes will be distributed after the meeting.

School representatives are key players in the ongoing package of support for the student. They are typically Assistant Headteachers, SENCOs or Heads of Year.