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Malden Oaks KS3 is based in Surbiton. Students are referred for a variety of reasons, either by the Local Authority’s SEN Panel or by mainstream schools. Regardless of the reasons, Malden Oaks is a short term placement for students. Students may return back to their mainstream school or transition on to a specialist placement. Some students have EHCPs and students are referred to Malden Oaks KS3 whilst their needs are being identified and assessed. Whilst every student has their own story, what all students at Malden Oaks have in common is that they need an alternative small setting for a period of time.

Through the 4 As; Achievement, Altruism, Attachment and Autonomy, we strive to ensure all students are able to leave our school, well rounded, responsible and resilient members of the community. At Malden Oaks, every day is a fresh start and so opportunities for achievement, both inside and outside the classroom are plentiful. We support students in recognising the importance of helping others and this is particularly evident when we help younger students in a primary school with their reading or support elderly residents at a local care home.

Students in KS3 are taught in small groups of no more than 6. All their learning is done with the same teacher who benefits from having the time and space to really get to know their students; their strengths and their weaknesses. Students enjoy a sense of autonomy every time they are able to make a good decision. Such instances are not only noted but celebrated by both their class teacher and the Head of Key Stage 3.

The success of Malden Oaks rests firmly on the solid foundations of positive relationships, both between teacher and student and amongst the students. All students complete a minimum of 5 days of induction. Much of the induction process is completed 1:1 and offers students a chance to gradually settle into their new school. The 1:1 setting facilitates the making of positive and productive working relationships and allows room for teachers to get to know the strengths of the student whilst identifying areas where help can be offered. At the end of the 5 days, a decision is made after a discussion between the student, their parent(s) and school to decide whether the student is ready to begin a full time timetable or whether their induction programme needs to be extended.

Malden Oaks strives to provide an inclusive environment for students at a time when everything else might seem a little uncertain. We are accustomed to working closely with other professionals and through regular review meetings we are able to track progress efficiently. If you have been referred to Malden Oaks KS3 and would like to know more about us, please see the downloadable KS3 Guide for Parents & Students or phone 02031372674.

You can also see some examples of what we do on our Instagram account @ks3maldenoaks.