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Remote Education Provision

Since 22 October 2020, schools have a legal duty to provide remote education to students unable to attend school due to Covid-19. 

Malden Oaks has been permanently open to all students during term time since June 2020. This is because our entire cohort is considered to be vulnerable and so we have provided face to face education for all students who attend our school sites, even during national lockdowns. 

We use a hybrid approach depending on the type of provision our students access. For example, students who receive tuition in the home due to medical conditions may receive remote teaching during national lockdowns, or for other individual reasons.

Since September 2021, students attending our school sites are no longer required to isolate if they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid. This means that students only require remote education if they actually test positive themselves, but are well enough to complete work at home. 

Our face to face provision is tailored to each student, with teaching adapted to take account of individual gaps in learning. Our remote learning provision is similarly bespoke.

  • We provide chrome books to students who do not have access to their own suitable technology
  • We provide training for staff in our main remote learning platform, google classroom. Teachers and students may also use SamLearning, an additional whole school resource, as well as subject specific resources such as MathsWatch.
  • We ensure that students receiving alternative (Medical/other) provision practise how to access google meet during their face to face lessons so that teaching can be switched to this medium if required. 
  • We ensure that staff and students only use school-provided or school-endorsed logins
  • We understand that the nature of our students’ needs means that they may be reluctant to engage online and that some of our students do not have access to online devices for safeguarding reasons. Some of our students have told us that they prefer hard copy work. In these circumstances we will ensure that telephone contact is made and sustained while the student cannot attend school and hard copy work is delivered and collected at regular intervals, 
  • Teachers adjust the pace or difficulty of what is being taught to individual students, in response to ongoing assessments
  • We continue to prioritise the wellbeing of all students, maintaining a personalised approach, using school systems and engaging external services as appropriate.
  • The Management Committee is aware of the school’s strategy and plans for delivering remote education