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SEN Tuition Service

Special Educational Needs Tuition at Malden Oaks provides education for Kingston and Richmond resident students with an EHCP. The AFC SEND Panel will need to approve any request for SEN Tuition. We provide one-to-one tuition to students in a variety of settings. We can offer online tuition too if this is more suitable. We work in partnership with the student, parents/carers and multidisciplinary professionals to provide a high quality core education for children with SEND. 

Once evidence has been received, the service ensures that appropriate education is arranged as quickly as possible. Students generally thrive with one-to-one support. When students are ready to return to school, we organise an individual reintegration plan tailored to students’ needs. 

Learning can take place in the home (if the student is unable to leave the home), in the community (for example the local library) or in our Tuition hub, the Norman Jackson Centre. We can also provide sessions involving sports or creative activities to meet individual needs and interests. Students receiving tuition are usually offered 3 to 4 sessions across the week initially. Available session times each day are:

  • Session 1: 08:45 - 10:30

  • Session 2: 11:15 - 13:00

  • Session 3: 14:00 - 15:45

Reviews are held regularly to assess progress and make plans for the next step.

All students are given access to our Virtual Learning Environment, SamLearning, which covers around 28 subjects from KS1 – KS5 to enable them to do extra work at home if they are able. Students are also given a google account to access resources.