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For students attending mainstream schools in the boroughs of Kingston and Richmond only.

For all requests for a respite placement, schools are encouraged to first make a referral to AfC’s Education Inclusion Support Service and/or Educational Psychology Service for intervention support. The CFC school representative should also present the student’s case over a series of CFC meetings, reporting on interventions and progress.

If the student continues to be at risk of exclusion/disengagement and the school has exhausted all existing provision, the school rep will discuss the potential for a referral to Malden Oaks. This may be at the next available CFC meeting, or outside of it.  The  Referral form  (online form) should be completed and schools should discuss the referral with parents/carers/other professionals at this juncture.

Once the panel has approved the referral, a meeting will take place to include the student, parent/carers, school rep and any other relevant professionals. This is an opportunity for all concerned to describe the current situation and state what they hope to gain from the referral. Timescales and expectations will be discussed and agreed at this meeting. This meeting may take place at the same time as the visit (please see below) or separately.


For students resident in the boroughs of Kingston and Richmond only.

A consultant’s letter must be obtained to verify that the student is unable to attend school due to a medical condition. This letter should be sent along with the Referral form (online form).

Once the panel has approved the referral, our Deputy Headteacher (Tuition Service Lead), will contact the referrer to arrange a meeting.

Students with medical needs will receive home tuition if they are unable to leave the house. Alternatively, they may receive 1:1 teaching in a community facility e.g. library, or they may be able to access group teaching at one of our school sites, Surbiton (KS3) or Dukes Centre (KS4).


For students resident in the boroughs of Kingston and Richmond only.

This Referral Form (which can be downloaded at the base of this page) should be completed for students who need provision following a permanent exclusion. It should also be used for students being referred by the admissions team.