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Statement of Behaviour Principles

At Malden Oaks we aim to create a positive atmosphere where all students feel safe, supported and able to learn. We are trauma informed and attachment aware. We achieve this through the following key principles:

  • We view behaviour as a communication and seek to address the need in order to alter the behaviour. 

  • We want students to leave us (whenever that might be) able to make the right choices and to take responsibility for their actions. This means: 

    • We do not hold detentions. Many of our students have been through an endless cycle of detention after detention in the past, with no discernible impact on their behaviour.

    • We do not exclude students. If necessary we adapt their provision offer to better meet their needs. 

    • We do not operate a rewards or sanctions system, which can be a means of manipulating behaviour through external control. 

    • We do however recognise and celebrate achievement and progress. We do this through internal certificates and external schemes such as the AQA Unit Award Scheme and the Duke of Edinburgh Award. 

  • We recognise and understand that everyone makes mistakes but we ensure that every day is a fresh start, with high expectations of what can be achieved on that day. We do not carry difficulties forward.

  • We aim to establish and maintain positive relationships between all members of our community, so that there is a mature and purposeful atmosphere.

  • Incidents will be resolved internally wherever possible. It may be that the support of parents/carers and/or other professionals is enlisted to resolve more complex matters.

  • We do not have a school uniform. This is partly because many of our students are with us for a very short time, and partly because we are preparing students for the next step of their education and/or training, when they will need to select their own appropriate clothing. The same applies to jewellery, make-up, and hairstyles.

  • Our school belongs to our students and to this end we will encourage students to be active participants in creating a safe, calm learning environment.