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Student Comments

Some comments received from past students:

“Thank you for helping me whilst I was at Malden Oaks. I achieved a grade 7 in all the Sciences, Maths and German. Thank you for teaching me so that I could achieve these grades whilst also providing other opportunities such as music which I did not expect. A big thank you.”


“I am extremely grateful for all the support I received from all my teachers. Biggest thanks goes to Gita for teaching me Biology, Chemistry and Physics to my best understanding, being an excellent tutor and steering me away from my past, into a more promising future.

More thanks go to Schalk for supporting me with maths all throughout my time and helping me with my problems, Michael for spending time with me, going through each question in detail to get max marks (this really helped get my 9). Meena and Tracey for nailing my understanding of my literature pieces, Pilar for taking time to take me on 1 to 1 for my Spanish, and Elena, Jacquey, Vanessa, Anne and Alan, with which I spent time at some point during my time at Malden Oaks.

Furthermore, big thank you to the SLT, especially Alison for making my transfer smooth and helping me move on. I am truly grateful for everyone’s’ input in putting my life back on tracks and getting me to where I am now!”